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The textile industry plastic tray to use analysis

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
Barriers after another, and in recent years, China's textile industry has maintained a rapid development momentum. Although because of the influence of international environment, the domestic export trade has a 2% decline, but the domestic production and investment scale has a larger increase. Today let's simple analyse in the textile industry how to choose the design of plastic tray and use the matters needing attention.

the most commonly used models for 1200 * 1000 * 150 mm sichuan words grid shape. Commonly used in some semi-finished products such as turnover and storage. For example, the domestic most influential weiqiao textile, main types of tray are words in sichuan and grid. This kind of enterprise mainly producing spindles.
textile garment industry is what we call the clothing factory, the main use of type is 1200 * 1000 * 140 mm Plastic collapsible cratenine feet grid, used to store the finished garment and turnover frequency is low, the requirements of the load is small, mostly within 500 kg.
the above two products are manual forklift and machinery used forklift colleagues.

the high degree of modernization of textile enterprises, the use of forklift truck are all machinery forklift truck, and the main products for the large volume of cloth, this kind of circumstance of high strength, we generally recommend using 1300 * 1100 * 150 mm double grid plastic tray. Particular case is particular analysis, the customer in the purchase before the tray need to be detailed to business people, the actual use process, USES the manual forklift or machinery forklift, use frequency, the actual weight and shape of the stored product.

the above is only part of the simple analysis, if there is demand please contact me, we will give you ever heard of a detailed product solutions.
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