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The theory of the outbreak of plastic pallet disinfection problem

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
After the outbreak of an epidemic situation, the social from all walks of life are in the positive response. In the process of important goods transport, lack of without the participation of plastic tray. In order to avoid the spread of the virus, plastic tray should be regularly disinfected after use. Specific method is as follows:

to plastic pallet surface disinfection, also with 75% alcohol, because alcohol concentration is too high can't through the cell membrane of microbes, don't kill microorganisms ( By solidification of microbial cell protein kill effect) The role of.
Plastic collapsible cratewith water or wet cloth to wipe, should be taken before disinfection disinfection again after drying. Or dirt will reduce the sterilization ability of alcohol.
the medicinal chemistry of pure alcohol concentrations up to 99%, special laboratory, general pharmacy sales of alcohol, concentration, which has two kinds of 75% and 95%. Purity refers to the amount of impurities, medical alcohol generally high purity, chemically pure is the highest purity of pure after experiment. Industrial alcohol ( Industrial pure) Containing poisonous or harmful substances containing more, can not be used in medical. The deployment of chemical reagent in the laboratory, at least with chemical pure alcohol preparation, which reduces the influence of impurities on the experimental results.

75% alcohol or 1:9 9 of 84 disinfectant spray insecticide pumping barrels, spray evenly around the plastic tray.
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