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The three quality tests of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
quality is unqualified, not plastic pallet manufacturers have the final say, need to pass strict inspection. Sampling test was carried out on the plastic pallet, the main Angle of stacking test, drop test, uniform loading strength test, determine the technical basis for deformation, diagonal change, curvature and the change of appearance.

in GB/T 4996 - In 2014 made a detailed annotation the rated load. Plastic pallet load rating is stiffness test in the test load P is the lowest value, the rated load test, if they don't know the pallet load rating, then by each strength and stiffness test, to determine the rated load of the tray. If you already know the pallet load rating, you can directly with stiffness test to verify pallet load rating is qualified.

in a long time, our concern is the design of the pallet load, limit load/safety factor = design load, with the reference to assess tray is qualified or not, but the coming of GB/T4995 2014, specifies the maximum safe coefficient of load rating of 2. With GB/T 4996 - Rated load test of the 2014, we can see the role of the rated load is actually rules on the pallet loading ability, as for the limit load in the meaning of this standard is not very big.
in addition to the above content, the quality of plastic pallet is also reflected in the actual load, test load, duration, the deformation after the test, whether affect the use of crack and deformation data, and these data directly decided by the quality of the plastic tray.
when purchasing also consider the durability of Plastic collapsible crateand price factors, such as the need according to the communication with plastic pallet manufacturers.

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