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The three stages of the logistics management

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
Three stages of logistics management in management of order can be divided into three stages, namely the plan stage, implementation stage and evaluation stage.
logistics planning stage management plan is the basis for action of some prior consideration. Logistics plan is in order to achieve the expected goals do preparatory work.
logistics planning must first determine the goal of logistics is to achieve, and to achieve the goal of each work order.
second, to analysis and study in the process of logistics goal the possibility of any outside influence, especially adverse factors, and countermeasures for these unfavorable factors were determined.
third, make and implement for realizing the objective of the logistics and guide the concrete measures of human, material and financial resources.
in the implementation stage of the implementation stage of logistics management logistics management is to manage the ongoing logistics activities. It in every stage of the logistics management is the most prominent position. This is because at this stage of the plan will be implemented through the concrete under inspection. At the same time, it is also the logistics management and logistics is the combination of the specific activities closely.
  ( A) On logistics activities of the organization and command
the organization of logistics is to point to in logistics activities combine all interrelated processes reasonably, and form an organic whole, so as to give full play to the role of each department, each logistics workers in the logistics of. Logistics refers to the command of the logistics process of all logistics processes, departments, agencies, unified scheduling.
  ( 2) Supervision and check of the logistics activity
through the implementation of supervision and inspection can understand logistics, expose contradictions in the logistics activity, find out the existing problems, and analysis the cause of the problem, put forward the method to overcome.
  ( 3) To adjust the logistics activity
in the process of carrying out logistics plan and logistics departments, each link will appear unbalanced situation. The above problems, it needs to according to the influence factors of logistics, the logistics department, each link's ability to make a new comprehensive balance, the power of rearranging logistics to achieve goals. This is to adjust the logistics activity.
evaluation of logistics management in a certain period of time, the logistics after implementation of the results with the original plan of logistics target comparison and analysis, which is the evaluation of logistics. Through the comprehensive analysis of logistics activities, people can determine how the scientific nature, rationality of logistics planning, confirm logistics implementation phase of the achievements and deficiencies, so as to make a new plan for the future, new logistics provides valuable experience and data organization.
in accordance with the scope of the evaluation of logistics, logistics evaluation can be divided into professional evaluation and comprehensive evaluation. According to the relationship between the logistics department, logistics evaluation and evaluation of horizontal and vertical evaluation can be divided into logistics. It should be pointed out no matter adopt what kind of evaluation method, the evaluation method with the help of the specific evaluation index. This indicator is usually expressed as physical index and comprehensive index.
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