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The use of high temperature to correct plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
According to the China meteorological network to broadcast the next two days because of the influence of the western Pacific subtropical high, the domestic region south of huaihe river will appear a wide range of high temperature weather, influence scope to sichuan basin in the west, the east side to the yellow sea, south to south China. In terms of shandong linyi many fun 'most red air conditioning and close the sun'. Scorching heat, first of all, we work to a line for jobs at the workers' hard work, the weather to hot work or to continue. In such a hot summer, the use of plastic tray should pay attention to what issues? For this, we specially consulted https://www. cnpalletbox。 com/( Hereinafter referred to as: Qusheng plastic) to senior business manager jiang kou kou manager.
ginger manager pointed out that the use of plastic tray under high temperature and normal temperature in essence there is a big difference, modified polypropylene molecules at high temperatures exacerbate movement between each other, resulting in what we call soft problem. In terms of general steel sheet covering warehouse, if the outdoor temperature 36 degrees or so, sealed environment temperature will rise ten degrees or so, this means that the plastic pallet working environment close to 50 degrees. We all know that the commonly used modified material Plastic collapsible cratein the steam environment suggest temperatures below 90 degrees Celsius, baking conditions is lower than 70 degrees Celsius, and in this environment suggest no more than 90 minutes advisable. Obviously in the warehouse basically used for high temperature much more time than that of 90 minutes, and the basic similar to bake the environment, so inevitably produce attenuation of load performance. SL - with Qusheng plastic DS - 1210 double-sided plastic tray grid as an example, the commonly used dynamic load is 1. 5 t, then the heat current situation, we suggest load is 1. 4 t。 Appropriate to reduce the dynamic load parameters, to extend the service life of the tray is critical.
finally jiang kou kou: solve the problem of warehouse, we are more professional and more focused, to provide customers with more quality products, more professional advice to good services to our clients demand as own duty is our permanent pursuit Qusheng plastic.

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