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The use of plastic tray and maintenance

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
Plastic pallet as a indispensable part, warehousing logistics industry plays a major role.
plastic tray according to the correct use of standard, not only can make full use of its own, can also prolong the service life and decrease the cost of the purchase of plastic tray.
plastic tray should pay attention to the points: when using the
1. Should put the plastic tray, avoid uneven when landing, the case of damage.
2. Put the goods, should be placed evenly, avoid lifting handling, CeWai.
3. Use of handling equipment, should consider whether poor goods size is suitable for the Plastic collapsible crateto use, to avoid inappropriate size, bad plastic tray.
4. When stacking is used, consideration should be given at the bottom of a tray bearing.
the right to use plastic pallet packaging should be combined on the plastic pallet pattern combined with proper packing and wrapping package, easy to use mechanical loading and unloading and transportation, so as to meet the requirements of loading and unloading, transportation and storage. In order to make the plastic tray can be used safely for a long time, hope to use Plastic collapsible crateproperly according to the following requirements:
1. should avoid sun exposure, lest cause ageing, shorten service life.
2. Are strictly prohibited from high toss the goods within the plastic tray. Reasonable goods stacked in the tray. Goods evenly placed, don't focus stacking, eccentric pile up. Bearing the weight of the pallet should be placed on smooth ground or objects on the surface.
3. Forbidden to plastic pallet throw fall from a height, avoid tray breakage, cracks caused by hard hit.
4. Or manual hydraulic forklift operation, fork fork to tray hole lateral on foot as far as possible, fork shall all be into trays, smooth lift the tray after the Angle of transformation. Fork thorn shall not impact the tray side so as not to cause the pallet broken, cracks.
5. Tray on the shelf, shelf type tray must be used, bearing capacity according to shelf structure, do not overload use.
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