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The use of plastic tray matters needing attention in summer

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
Attention summer use plastic tray plastic tray for beautiful, generous, strong, durable and loved by the enterprise, in fact, plastic tray, as a kind of safety, environmental protection packaging materials, are many industry recognition, and warm prompt, how to do daily maintenance, prolong the service life of plastic tray, cnpalletbox. Com Plastic collapsible crateneed to know some relevant knowledge. As you all know, plastic pallet is plastic products, in the case of high temperature, the sun will change the physical properties, causing oxidation, shorten its service life. So customers after use should be placed in the place of direct sun avoidance, normal outdoor conditions generally will not cause damage. Some enterprises procurement after sit idle for a long time, also don't know how to protect, placed in outdoor, every day for a long time the wind, sun, rain, lead to plastic pallet in the use of easy broken, brittle, these are long-term exposure leads to internal molecular structure changes caused by plastic tray. cnpalletbox。 Com plastic tray with the necessary maintenance and common sense, to extend the use fixed number of year of Plastic collapsible crateat the same time, also for the enterprise to save a large amount of cost of capital, kill two birds with one stone of it. 1, to should take put down gently, plastic tray, avoid uneven when landing, attack damage. 2, plastic tray in the stack, the bottom should be considered a tray bearing, avoid beyond the load, the plastic tray variant or destruction. 3, arrange, average arrangement, from the middle to the surrounding arrangement, in use process to avoid uneven, attack CeWai. 4, use forklift, should consider the size of the forklift truck can fit the plastic tray, into the depth of the fork should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the plastic tray. 5, plastic tray is not used, should be put in the shade, can't put it under the sun, because can make the function of the plastic pallet change, become more brittle. 6, Plastic collapsible crateon the shelf, must accept type shelf tray, and can't do more than plastic pallet load. Fork thorns no side impact tray to avoid formation of tray rupture, crack. 7, it is forbidden to cast goods from a high place in the plastic tray. Bearing the weight of the pallet should be placed on smooth ground or objects on the surface. When 8, forklift, fork to a fork in the middle of the plastic tray, and can change only after lifting solid Angle. 9, it is forbidden to throw plastic tray from a height, avoid the plastic tray, formed by the impact fracture, crack violently.
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