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The use of plastic turnover box of zhengzhou

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
Zhengzhou plastic turnover box the use of plastic turnover box as an integral part of warehousing logistics industry, play an important role. Plastic turnover box according to the correct use of standard, not only can give full play to its own role, still can prolong its service life, reduce the reusable plastic basket of purchasing cost. Zhengzhou plastic turnover box should be paid attention to when using the points: 1, should handle with plastic turnover box, avoid uneven when landing, the damage occurred. 2, put the goods, shall be evenly placed, to avoid sharp surface pressure directly on the turnover box, at the bottom of CeWai or damage due to uneven, more serious damage to the goods in the cabinet. 3, when using the tray of form a complete set, should consider whether suitable for the plastic tray, turnover box size to avoid size not appropriate, put undeserved and produce CeWai or inverted box. 4, stacking, when using, should consider their turnover box bearing, stacking height restrictions. The correct use of plastic turnover box should be LCL weight less than 25 kg ( Limited to normal human body) And not filled with box, should have at least 20 mm ( Remove the upper part of joint) To prevent direct contact with the bottom goods, make the product damaged or dirt. Combination of plastic turnover box packed in a Plastic collapsible cratewith appropriate strapping and wrapping package, easy to use mechanical loading and unloading and transportation, so as to meet the requirements of loading and unloading, transportation and storage. In order to make the plastic turnover box can be used safely for a long time, so please use turnover box properly according to the following requirements: 1, plastic turnover box should avoid sun exposure, lest cause ageing, shorten service life. 2, the goods are strictly prohibited from high toss in the plastic turnover box. Reasonable goods in turnover boxes piled up in the way. Goods evenly placed, don't focus stacking, eccentric pile up. 3, it is forbidden to throw plastic turnover box from a height, avoid the turnover box broken caused by hard hit, crack. 4, or manual hydraulic forklift operation, fork thorn after smooth lift the tray to transform Angle as far as possible. Fork thorn shall not impact the tray side so as not to cause the pallet broken indirect turnover box and damaged goods.
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