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The vigorous development of the plastic tray for nearly 20 years

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
into our country in recent 20 years ago, with plastic material cost declining in recent years, the plastic pallet prices also fell sharply. With the rapid development of economy in our country, plastic tray in the possession of the rapid development of our country, the domestic demand for Plastic collapsible crateto grow rapidly. In addition, the plastic tray has the following features: environmental protection. Easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosive, moistureproof, and many other advantages, more and more customers more and more like plastic tray.

the expansion of the plastic tray and perfect, even in some areas of excess capacity, the author as a plastic pallet professional engaged in the business of selling from the previous decade. A growing number of plastic pallet manufacturers, plastic tray products standard is more and more comprehensive, plastic tray is extra competitive, front-line workers this year sales obviously felt the competition fierce.

I spend time to be the future trend of the plastic pallet industry wrote some own view, faced with such serious career situation, look forward to working with the vast number of colleagues to share and learn.

I think the future trend of plastic pallet is regionalization and production regionalization.

of course, how to improve the quality of the plastic tray, reduce the cost of manufacturing plastic tray, plastic tray manufacturing enterprises is to continue to innovation, improve the professional competence, to develop advanced professional development, rather than price war, sacrificing the quality of our products and professional rules, hope to the development of China's plastic tray. In order to the quality of our products. Expand marketing channels, has already become one of the most pressing need plastic pallet manufacturers.

in this paper, by the plastic tray, this view does not represent the views.
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