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The weather temperature and injection temperature regulation

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
In modern injection molding process, how to improve the production efficiency, to control the quality of the product depends on many aspects. The precision of the mould, cooling time, injection temperature, is the comparison of the three important reasons.
today we mainly discuss how accurate grasp the injection temperature increase production capacity. First of all, we know a year the entire production process which processes are temperature related. First mould preheating, second injection temperature adjustment, the last circulating cooling. Most people may think according to the experience of different raw materials for injection molding machine set a fixed temperature and set up good cooling time is foolproof.
I think the to do simple things repeatedly, the repetitive things do attentively, diligently do him perfectly, this is the attitude of the best. Set the temperature of the fixed fixed all the year round, so really?
as for the north four seasons workshop temperature difference of up to 50 degrees, temperature difference on a day to about 15 degrees. In such a large temperature range, the steel body and circulating cooling water pipe is exposed in the air, that is the temperature in the injection molding process in different seasons is a bigger change.
the other cooling water circulation system in the process of winter xunhua can reduce to a suitable temperature, but on a hot summer day may not be very ideal.
we take plastic pallet production process simple said how to adjust the temperature and the mold injection molding temperature. Plastic pallet mould itself larger average 10 tons, he preheating process in winter is relatively longer, or it will because temperature reach ideal melting temperature lead to lack of material deformation Plastic collapsible crateproducts, etc. Injection molding machine injection molding temperature in summer than in winter temperature slightly adjust lower, cooling circulating water system to increase the water flow in the summer to ensure can in the limited to the expected cooling effect of cooling time.
only will consider detailed all aspects of injection molding process, to ensure injection products is consistent with uniform color, size, quality and stability.
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