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There will be a very big plastic tray in the logistics field

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
will be promising in the field of logistics
on July 20, the pallet professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing, deputy director of the standing JinWei in an interview with reporters said that with the development of economy and logistics industry, the pallet industry in our country are large span, the pallet professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing plan in 10 years, lay the theoretical basis of tray as an independent industry, building industry framework, build a batch of flagship companies, improve technical level and innovation ability, for the large logistics system barriers to fast and good development.
JinWei tells a reporter, tray used to be mistaken for belonging to the packaging industry, but the tray is not nearly confined to the range of packaging, but throughout the logistics and supply process.
the tray to become an independent industry on the one hand, should have its theoretical basis. The theoretical system is the foundation of the development of the industry. During the period of '11th five-year plan' the pallet professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing formed, tray of the primary job is to build the theoretical system of the pallet industry, strengthen the propaganda, improve users about the importance of the tray, popularize knowledge of tray, expand the influence surface, lay the foundation for the tray market. Tray of editing and publication of the 2010 'China tray handbook', brings together the theory and practice of the tray, laws and regulations, standards, etc. , fill the blank of the history of the pallet industry and played an important role in preparation for industry development.
on the other hand, is to set up the framework of industry development system, including the construction of organization system. Tray branch set up only less than 10 years, at present although haven't set up local branches and branch organizations, but has condensed the tray branch of more than hundreds of member companies, work obtained the social widespread approval. Branch organization once a year all work conference, common analysis industry faces new situation and the existing problems and discuss the solution, the industry development strategy. Also want to hold a tray by the end of each year more than the international conference on new material new technology exhibition, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries will attend the industry groups and the main enterprises, not only in the domestic popularity, but also formed a certain influence in the world.
JinWei pointed out that to use the tray of the platform, put the tray enterprises organize, together, create a tray team, work together, unity and win-win, will do the pallet industry in China. There are like Shanghai card, Shanghai celebrates the milli, Shanghai forces young and on the size of the Plastic collapsible crateenterprise, presents the good development momentum. production is moving toward the production scale, management standardization, the goal of the development of automation equipment. Japan tray is 4 ~ 5 per person per piece, but our country at present is only 0. Level 5 piece, if you want to catch up with Japan, needs a big leap, but in order to achieve this goal largely depends on plastic tray to complete. The birth of the Plastic collapsible cratelarge flagship enterprise is very necessary, 'twelfth five-year' is the plastic pallet industry an important historical period grow with the enterprise.
JinWei thinks, 'twelfth five-year' period for the development of our plastic pallet industry faster, we will seize the country to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, materials for wood, the development of circular economy, and the development of logistics industry big opportunity, make pallet rental and sharing system, further perfect the standardization work, strengthen the tray for the development of new materials, new products, new technology, improve the innovation ability and service level, make the tray lagging logistics, the logistics lags behind the economic development of the situation to be improved significantly. Shanghai runhai treasure plastic tray ( cnpalletbox。 com) Is specializing in the production of plastic tray, cnpalletbox. Com production enterprises, is one of the largest pallet manufacturers, the north is with independent intellectual property rights of warehouse logistics equipment manufacture and operation of large private enterprises, the company an annual output value of 1. 300 million yuan, we provide various services for you. Welcome new and old customers to plant calls to patronize! Sales phone: 0533 - 7783666 url: WWW. cnpalletbox。 Com
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