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Tips for choosing a hollow board

by:Qusheng     2021-06-04

Pick the trick to choose hollow board

Customers need to choose the hollow board product that is suitable for their use. For example, hollow plate flat plate, hollow plate cutter card, hollow plate turnover box and so on.

From the point of view of thickness, usually 2mm-10mm is more, depending on the size you need, the width is less than 2400. The length is not limited.

The color of the hollow board is mostly blue and black. Other colors are also available, but they are less used, depending on the requirements of the company. Generally black is divided into three types: ordinary black, anti-static hollow board, and conductive hollow board. Anti-static and conductive are mostly used in electronics companies.

When it comes to the choice of plastic hollow board manufacturers, you need to shop around for price, quality, and service. In particular, some customers cannot blindly pursue lower prices. This is wrong. Many unscrupulous manufacturers offer lower prices to lure consumers. The quality of the hollow boards that are often bought is very poor, and the service is still very poor. Therefore, when purchasing hollow boards, get more understanding, more peace of mind, and more protection. Guangzhou Qusheng Plastic is a manufacturer of hollow boards, with an excellent production team, and free proofing. The advantages of prompt delivery and so on.

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