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To develop the plastic pallet manufacturers by operating mode

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
On the plastic pallet management pattern, the coexistence of diverse economic form by a single direction. In the period of planned economy, the warehouse field for more added a small amount of collective ownership of library field. With the further development of plastic pallet policy, warehouse field on the business model, great changes have taken place in the stock and sino-foreign joint venture and other economic forms coexist.
plastic pallet manufacturers on the scope of business, the goods by a single store to develop in the direction of multi-function service. Single goods store. With the change of market and customer demand, expanding the function of the warehouse field, by the storage of goods to solicit source for development center. On the cargo storage area, appeared the trend of the transfer from west to east. due to the economic interests of the drive, the shipper calculator is more and more thin, in order to shorten the distance to reduce costs to reduce costs. Goods storage areas appeared transfer from west to east. Formed from port relatively close to the library field source enrichment, part of the freight yard to a serious shortage of supply of goods, caused some library field was forced to close or switch. On the plastic pallet management means, from the traditional backward method to modern advanced mode development. With the progress and development of science and technology. Original old management methods can not adapt to the request of the new form, most of the leaders have realized that learning library field at home and abroad advanced management experience, the use of advanced management service function, improve warehouse management work to a new level. Plastic pallet manufacturers accelerated the flow of goods, shortening the time limit the goods stay in Hong Kong, is the important reason for reducing the number of goods of rear library field. A shortage of funds the main income of warehousing enterprises funds short reflected reduced. Due to the excess warehouse field, the market changed, by the past ChuFang market into the stock market. Library field for competition between interacting each other, causing the storage fee has greatly decreased, individual class goods storage fee is almost zero. Make the Plastic collapsible cratelibrary field significantly reduce the income, cost increase. Due to the improvement of transportation and the change in the transport routes, toll roads and bridge tolls, increased the route changes increase the distance of improved to serve, the heavy debt burden.
plastic tray due to the shortage of the owner of the monetary policy of foreign trade, libraries that your payment can't back in time, some even become dead account, library field of the capital turnover is very difficult. Plastic pallet manufacturers when in pursuit of economic income, library field is tube snoop-proof hardware construction, after ten years the use of existing equipment is obsolete, the shortage of working capital and unconditional replacement, far cannot adapt to the demand for it.
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