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To fully plastic assembly method, and use of tables and chairs

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
Plastic chairs and tables for its clean and beautiful facilitates receive is widely used in beverage promotion, theatrical performances, booth and so on. This summer barbecue, sidewalk snack booth using plastic chairs and tables has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so a lot of people called the plastic chairs and tables directly to fully plastic chairs and tables. In the domestic plastic furniture market with Qusheng plastic brand more famous.
the heat come many sidewalk snack booth owner will purchase plastic tables and chairs, https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/give you a detailed explanation about the booth assembly method of plastic chairs and tables.
general plastic chairs and tables and chairs are one-time molding isn't related to the assembly. Table is generally divided into three parts, desktop, table legs, table. A complete plastic furniture accessories for a desktop, a table, four legs. A complete set of plastic chairs and tables and consists of a table, four chairs. The real figure.

about assembled by the following diagram you can see the basic steps. Practice is the combination of the table legs and brace table, first through the reserve of card slot, the first handheld card into the table support will table leg, a repeat four times four legs will be installed. Then place the desktop back to the ground, the table will be assembled legs and hold, on the card slot, into four legs, so that a complete plastic table assembled. Reverse disassembly process also simple, indicating the above process operation.

https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/prompts you to the following the use of plastic chairs and tables.
1, plastic chairs and tables to avoid direct sunlight, ultraviolet ray can accelerate aging plastic itself.
2, sun umbrellas, want to choose the right size, it is advisable to 20 cm diameter greater than the desktop. No shade is too small, too much is not enough to support the table, dislocation burst will happen.
3, the assembly and disassembly process to avoid brutal operation, do not use brute force.
4, be sure to keep the desk and chair of the four legs in the flat ground, force uniform.

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