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To identify the reworked material in plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
Plastic tray of materials can be divided into new material ( Commonly referred to as raw materials) And reworked material ( Generally called clinker) , new functional aspects than expected in the reworked material, price obviously more expensive than normal material. While the proportion of reworked material directly affect the price of plastic tray.
the reworked material tray for adding a certain proportion of reworked material one-time molding tray, is very significant, reworked material proportion, the more the lower the cost, the price will be low.

look from the appearance of recycled plastic gloss, particle surface, uneven size, contains impurities, usually with a grey color or show; New material colour and lustre is light, the old material colour and lustre is dim. In addition if we want to identify carefully, can be differentiated from the following seven aspects:
1. Color: all with through better than opaque, no matter what color.
2, burnish, luster good better than without burnish, is the color of the material surface.
3, drawing: blow after the fire, with iron objects rapidly melting body contact, and then quickly pull open, to see if the wire forming uniform, is uniform is good material, DORA a few times, will overlap, again, watch it with and without elasticity, can start again and continuously, no broken or pull off after a distance is good.
4, lighting, View the flame color whether smoking, whether including away from the fire burning or not burning) ;
5, smell ( All kinds of plastic taste is different, including flame retardants, etc. ) ;
6, cannot confirm the above, please burn again, in the process of burning smoke quickly or the dropping rapidly melting body, is not a good material.
7, floating: as long as there is heavy water is poor, if the above still are not sure, or make up our minds, it is only the ma chine.

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