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Tray assembly packaging concept ( Plastic tray manufacturing company)

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
Set packaging, packaging is to transport goods unitize, container for a certain size, weight and shape of cargo loading unit. Set packaging including gu rise and at the beginning of the modern development of pallet packaging, packaging along the plate, no tray ( No skateboarding) The packing. Set packing is pallet, skateboard goods a group of base plate, or use of packaging goods stacking form, to shrinkage, tighten, stretch film is made of machinery operation fork hole goods loading unit. As the package of the collection can be; In container transportation and shelf display, sales have single transport packaging of goods, variety, different shape, volume, weight of single piece of foil packing the goods, barrels, bags, bag, etc. , consists of one tray or skateboarding collection loading unit, and used in a variety of materials and technical measures, make the packaging goods is fixed on the plate, the plate together with the container loading unit packing the goods, firmly combined into assembly packaging as a whole, can use the forklift truck and other mechanical loading and unloading, handling, and realize the container unitization 'door to door transportation, thus make the way of packaging and logistics integration as a whole, to the logistics field assembly packaging and container unitization transportation mode.
set the volume of packaging is commonly l cubic meters, weight from 500 kg to 2 tons. Some goods, such as wood, steel assembly packaging weight up to 5 tons.
set packing in container, barrels, petticoats, strapping and baskets, basket or possess a single transport packaging of goods, including food, daily necessities, stationery, drugs, industrial products, household appliances, instruments, meters, fragile, dangerous goods and other goods.
set packaging is modern packaging method, is packed cargo logistics rationalization, scientific and modern way, one of the development set packing is the world common development tendency of carriage of goods.
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