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Tray in the domestic development of four stages

by:Qusheng     2021-03-09
For the first time in 1950 for tray start creating a 1954 times. This period is the national logistics recovery period, has begun to implement the first five-year plan. At the time, because our country science and technology lag behind, logistics development is slow, some of the industry, transportation has just started, business is not developed, which restrict the development of the pallet industry, just start creating period tray industry of our country. Both production and circulation field, only to meet the needs of the tray business, build part of warehouse, part of the vehicle purchase, set up a branch, his motorcades and warehouse storage and transportation, etc. In a few cities in the department of business, material storage enterprises has been set up, it is China's early creation business separation type the professionalism of the pallet industry. In addition, in the circulation system all over the country, and most are attached to each major corporations or PiFaZhan and xinhua bookstore for storage and transportation, finished engaged in business of one type of tray enterprises. During this period, our country has not mentioned the agenda to the tray problem.

the second period of 1955 years for the early development period in 1965. This period is our country national logistics more stable development period, the growth of the industrial and agricultural production had the very big, transportation construction has made great progress, social commodity circulation also continued to expand. Therefore, has the corresponding development of tray industry of our country. In supplies, commercial, food, supply and marketing, foreign trade and circulation system such as xinhua bookstore sigh successively established the storage and transportation enterprise, storage, transit and other business separation type, enterprise specialized tray and finished, fleet and warehouse is attached to professional companies, PiFaZhan, bookstores, tray type, engaged in the unity of the enterprise. The tray for the countries most tray business, it is the mainstream of the pallet industry in our country. During this period, the pallet industry also began to the attention of the countries. Such as in April 1960, in turn in the notice of the Ministry of Commerce of the State Council said: with the constant development of industrial and agricultural production conditions, the transportation tasks add greatly to establish and improve the storage and transportation network put forward by the Ministry of Commerce's report, is reasonable, saving use of transport and warehousing facilities of a good solution. The notice of the State Council, has greatly inspired the system tray department, parts of the world, our country the pallet industry into a new period of development.

the third period (1966 a 1976 recession Stagnation) Period. This time, as is known to all, is 10 years upheaval of the cultural revolution, the Chinese nation of a disaster. In this case, the pallet industry and other industries, let alone what development, only to maintain the status quo or ground to a halt.

the fourth period for the period of reform and opening-up in 1993, 1977. Since the third plenary session of the eleventh, during this period, under the correct leadership of the party, the socialist four modernizations construction in our country, has been developing rapidly. Especially in the opening to the outside world and invigorating, logistics and city logistics system reform, industrial and agricultural production has been developing rapidly, also speed up the construction of transportation. As the domestic commodity circulation and the expansion of the foreign trade, the pallet industry also had the very big development in our country. In addition to the circulation department of professional and engaged in tray enterprises continue to increase, in the production department also paid attention to the study of tray rationalization, and set up corresponding organizations.

at the same time, not only strengthened the tray state-owned enterprises and also develop collective and private tray enterprise or warehousing, transportation profession. This period appeared on state-owned, collective, private toghter, large, medium and small, society to set up the tray of the new situation of the enterprise. In terms of transportation, due to build more railways, highways, ports, docks, section or realize the electrification, high speed, increased the vehicle, improved technology, has conducted a joint transportation, bulk transportation and container transportation, all of this for the development of tray and tray rationalization, created the conditions. And tray industry itself with the reform tide, adhere to the open and enliven, strengthening horizontal joint, break departmental, regional boundaries, step by step to the direction of specialization, socialization and modernization.

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