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Tray injection molding and blow molding tray is introduced

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
The production process of plastic pallet manufacturers, injection molding and blow molding machine has two ways, we can see from the literal out a are made by injecting plastic, another kind is blowing hollow. The following respectively introduce two kinds of plastic tray.
injection plastic tray

molding plastic tray, is a thermoplastic injection molding is to molten plastic materials, then injected into membrane cavity. Once the molten plastic into the mold, it is set according to the sample molding cavity with a certain shape.
1, appearance: beautiful appearance, no flash, no other auxiliary connection, no thorns, no debris, pure color, color can choose, structure is neat, clean, easy to clean.
2, carrying capacity: ( Uniform distribution) Net load 1 ~ 10 tons; The dynamic load of 0. 5 ~ 1. 5 tons; Overhead load 0. 3 to 1. 2 tons.

the following production process: injection molding equipment, clamping, b, c, injection mould opening pressure, cooling e, d, f, take out the goods.
a. In the ( - 35°~ 40°) Environment, its performance;
b。 Good impact resistance, can't afford to friction sparks, nonflammable, no static electricity;
c。 No rust, no water, resistant to moisture, water resistant, resistant to washing, easy to clean;
d。 Service life is far more than the wooden tray, maintenance free, resistance to fall. Recyclable, accord with environmental protection requirement.

blow molding plastic tray

(blow molding tray 吹塑托盘) Method is a rapid development of plastic processing and molding of products. Blow molding tray molding process adopted by the blow molding equipment generally require relatively large blow molding machines, the current domestic large hollow equipment manufacturers have zhangjiagang with big, weifang new hengda, etc. All can produce 2000 l products. USES a HMWHDPE plastics extrusion blow molding, production HMWHDPE plastics by extrusion into tubular plastic parison, strike put in split cavity, mold closing immediately after pass into the compressed air in the plastic parison, make plastic parison swell and clingy wall in the mold, the cooling stereotypes demoulding, namely get all kinds of blow molding tray. The blow molding hollow container volume can reach thousands of liters, has been made in research and development domestic large-scale blow molding machines has reached 2000 l, adopted computer control equipment. Blow molding tray HMWHDPE normally only used for the raw material production.

1, the clamping
plastic injection moulding machine can be divided into clamping equipment and injection equipment.
clamping device is open and close mold work to fulfill stripping, pointed the way to toggle, and the use of hydraulic cylinder indirect direct pressure methods of open and close mold. Again after injection equipment is the resin to be heated to melt into the mold now, rotary screw, and make the stay into the hopper of the resin in screw front, course to match the required amount of resin trip store again after injection. When resin movement in the mould, the manipulation of the screw move rate and pressure is used after fill resin ( Pressure protection) For manipulation. When arrived must screw bearing or injection pressure must be from speed control switch to control pressure.
2, injection mold:
mould is to point to: in order to resin material to make some kind of shape, and to undertake injection into resin metal type. Has dissolved material from the gate into the mould through the flow channel and flow crossing fill in the mold cavity. Followed by the cooling engineering and open moulding mold release lever on the mold off the template, ejector molded products.
3, product injection molding:
forming product is the gate of the by melting into resin, import port and at part of mold cavity. Because of a forming work can only make a product, so the power is not high. If can use port to connect a number of mold cavity, can be together, forming a number of goods. Now, when the length of the duct flow in a cavity not together, will not be able to fill with resin, and most of the die slot size, surface, physical properties of different kind of dispute, so ordinary urban flow plan into the same length.

Plastic collapsible crateand blow molding tray contrast difference:
( 1) Injection molding tray: choose low-voltage high-density polyethylene, by an injection molding.
  ( 2) Blow molding tray: choose high molecular weight high density polyethylene blow molding mold molding production at a time.

the production equipment used is different, choose a large injection molding machine injection molding injection molding tray, commodity robust after use. Blow molding tray selection of blow molding machine hollow blow molding, but in the process of making lower material more; In terms of a single commodity production time, injection molding tray time shorter. Different structures of the tray. Blow molding tray appearance appearance will be a blow hole, the center all empty, only produce double-sided tray, cannot produce single tray, and products into the fork using direction is usually two to fork into use; Injection molding tray appearance appearance can be divided into flat, grid, such as shape, bottom of sichuan son, tian word, seven Angle, nine feet and so on the many kinds of structure, the single side, double side to be able to produce goods, can be satisfied with customer requirements using different career. Flexibility to be more big. The use of the two kinds of tray. Two kind of tray is not the same as production technology, directly affects the use environment of the tray. Generally blow molding tray mainly in harsh environment, under the condition of using high strength work, whereas Plastic collapsible cratein: flat, three-dimensional, cold storage library such as applied in each kind of environment and career, satisfied the needs of different professional.

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