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Treasure the kinds of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-25
cnpalletbox。 com( The north's largest plastic pallet manufacturing company) Is with independent intellectual property rights of warehouse logistics equipment manufacture and operation of large private enterprises, the main project has a large plastic tray, handling tools, logistics containers, packaging materials, parts stands and racks, etc. , including plastic pallets, logistics tray and storage tray, the shelf tray, fumigation-free tray, plastic tray, packing tray tray, container, storage plate, plastic tray, production scale in jiangbei district of card board first, an annual output value of 1. 300 million yuan. At present, the company has the nation's largest plastic pallet injection unit, can undertake large injection products variety of production and manufacturing.
this company produces the Plastic collapsible cratemodel DCW - main 1008年,起重集团- 1108年,起重集团- 1111年,起重集团- 1208年,起重集团- 1210 ( 一) ,cnpalletbox。 comDCW - 1210 ( B) 起重集团- 1210 ( C) 起重集团- 1212 ( 一) 起重集团- 1212 ( B) ,cnpalletbox。 comDCW - 1311年,cnpalletbox。 comDJT - 1111、DJT- 1210年,DJW - 1210年,DTW - 1111、DTW- 1210年,DTW - 1211 and so on the many kinds of plastic tray.
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