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Turnover box manufacturers talk about the needs of turnover box product development

by:Qusheng     2021-03-07
Turnover box manufacturers talk about the needs of turnover box product development. To meet the needs of the development of turnover box products, extensive scientific research has been carried out in research departments, factories and universities. The focus of research is to improve the structure, improve product quality, reduce the consumption of metal materials and reduce the weight of the machine, thereby promoting the improvement of the overall technical level of machinery, and the second development period of machinery. During this period, the development of turnover box machinery technology showed the following characteristics, and developed a number of high-level new products for economic construction, such as cranes for high-rise warehouses. For a variety of general-purpose products produced in batches, a series of updates based on parameter ranges, new structures and design calculation methods are adopted. Since the middle of the decade, the turnover box has strengthened the development of complete sets of equipment for transportation, complete sets of equipment for automated warehouse equipment, mechanized systems, airport luggage conveying systems, and bulk materials handling systems such as bulk material terminals and open-pit mining. China implements the most active period for the production and technological development of the turnover box industry. Due to the coexistence of multiple economic components, a large number of small enterprises, mainly township and village enterprises, including a small number of private enterprises, have emerged, and the output of enterprises and products has soared. Extensive scientific research has been carried out and the level of product design has been improved. The formulation was completed on this basis, and a new standardization system for container handling equipment was established. A series of modern design methods such as optimization design, dynamic analysis, finite element analysis, reliability design and computer simulation of logistics systems have been applied. In particular, breakthroughs have been made in the application of computer-aided design and manufacturing. There are a number of computer-aided design software available for selection, not only a microcomputer version, but also a software system based on a workstation. The application of turnover boxes has significantly improved the ability to develop new products and is still maintaining a strong momentum of development. Strengthened international technical exchanges and trade, introduced dozens of product proprietary technologies, widely adopted international advanced standards, and increased the export of material handling machinery products. For this reason, the future technological development of the turnover box material handling machinery industry should focus on the following aspects. Turnover boxes strengthen the large-scale urgently needed by various departments and improve the ability to provide complete sets of handling equipment for key construction projects.
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