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Two kinds of methods of modification of PVC plastic material

by:Qusheng     2020-11-14
See more PVC is a kind of plastic material, is one of the largest plastic products production in the world, the price is cheap, widely used, according to different purposes can participate in different enhancers, PVC can appear different physical function and mechanical function. Participate in proper plasticizer, can be made into a variety of hard, soft and transparent products. Hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has good tensile, flexural and compressive strength and impact resistant ability, can be used as structure materials separately. Modified PVC method there are two ways: chemical modification and physical modification. The following by plastic pallet manufacturers, in turn, to do a simple introduction for you.
chemical modification such as copolymerization modification, graft reaction and chloride. Copolymerization modification, that is, let the vinyl chloride monomer and other monomers of copolymerization reaction, such as, vinylidene chloride and vinyl acetate and acrylic acrylic, acrylic ester and maleic anhydride monomer copolymerization, to advance processing function, or make the mold temperature is reduced, or open up new USES, or appear as new materials; On the PVC side chain to introduce other monomers, or another kind of polymer, on grafting reaction. The density of CPVC than PVC, is 1. 7 g/cubic centimeters, flame retardant function is better than that of PVC, the tensile strength is better than PVC, the disadvantage is that the impact strength is low. CPVC processing function, its forming temperature is higher than PVC 10 - — 20℃; Narrow temperature schedule planning; Stabilizer dosage than PVC 1 - — 2 times; Lubricant consumption is more than PVC. CPVC available extrusion, injection, rolling method, the finished goods. CPVC can be used for pipe, plate, profiles, foaming materials, adhesives, coatings, such as modifying agent.

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