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u200bPlastic turnover box wholesale to find Juyuan

by:Qusheng     2021-06-08

Plastic turnover box wholesale to find Qusheng

Qu Sheng plastic makes black plastic anti-static turnover box, hollow crate brand, simple structure, complete specifications, and can be customized on demand , You can also cover the turnover box, and achieve reasonable design and loading according to your requirements. Let me introduce the characteristics of the black plastic anti-static turnover box.

1. Anti-static turnover box is generally used for turnover, transportation, storage, packaging, etc. in the production process of electronic components;

2. Anti-static index of anti-static turnover box It is 6~8, it can release the static charge accumulated by the object, and will not produce the accumulation of charge and high potential difference;

3. The anti-static turnover box is anti-aging, anti-folding, strong load-bearing, and not easy to tear Cracking, fire prevention, high temperature resistance, etc., and the anti-static turnover box is light and foldable.

Qusheng Plastics is a professional manufacturer of anti-static turnover boxes. Our excellent processing and manufacturing and superb processing technology are obvious to all. Hollow boxes are wholesaled. Our anti-static turnover boxes have been used for a long time. Highly praised and supported by customers, our profession, you can see, our quality, you experience, welcome new and old customers to negotiate business!

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