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Under the general situation of environmental protection, where should the development of plastic turnover box go from professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-01
Qusheng Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic turnover boxes. With nearly 30 years of experience in the plastic turnover box industry, we adhere to steady operation, continuous innovation, and open cooperation to provide competitive logistics turnover solutions, products and services for smart warehousing. At present, Qusheng plastic plastic crates business covers more than 50 provinces, cities and regions nationwide. It has been highly praised by many Fortune 500 companies and has maintained a continuous good partnership. 'Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains'***, the game rules of the entire packaging industry have been shuffled, and the '263' special rectification activities have been launched in Jiangsu Province from the end of 2016, focusing on environmental protection, Taihu Lake water environment and other environments The hidden dangers put forward specific ecological civilization construction. As soon as this policy came out, the price of domestic paper products soared and it was difficult to find a single piece of paper. Many plastic pelletizing plants in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai were forced to shut down. This has caused varying degrees of impact on plastic turnover box manufacturers. In fact, the construction of ecological civilization will not be a catastrophe, and risks must be accompanied by opportunities. Driven by the overall situation of environmental protection, many plastic turnover box manufacturers are intensively upgrading their industries and upgrading their products. To a certain extent, it effectively distinguishes the backward production capacity and the small workshop-style enterprise operation mode. If you don’t innovate or change, you will be eliminated. After the big waves wash away the sand, the backbone must be left behind. For more information on the development trend of plastic turnover boxes, please visit Qusheng Co., Ltd. official website https://www.cnpalletbox.com/
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