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Under the global wave of plastic tray of daqing petrochemical polyethylene plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
Under the global wave of daqing petrochemical polyethylene plastic tray of daqing petrochemical company tray factory slowly but surely, step-by-step, make full use of the overhaul time, complete equipment upgrading, technology upgrading, make sure plastic pallet manufacturing polyethylene plastic tray product development efficiency measures put in place, receive practical results. As of May 10, plastic tray manufacturing with polyethylene product development efficiency of 28. 58 million yuan, 181% of the completed schedule.
plastic tray factory low voltage devices and put into production in 1986, is the chemical process and complete sets of technology in Japan. During the 30 years of use, the operator found that ethylene on the design of the preheater, there are some defects caused by low pressure device two lines for 'ZhengZui', and 'ration' have thick have thin, a production line by the plastic tray 'intestinal obstruction' often occur. In April, the technical personnel of ethylene preheater localization transformation, raw materials into the way from series to parallel, temperature control by the second table manually adjust, central control room to DCS control, more convenient and accurate. Low pressure device production process by slurry method, hexane as solvent, media delivery, chemical reactions are completed in hexane. Active in nature, and hexane and gasoline are relative processes is not good will be out of trouble. Overhaul this year, the low pressure workshop by adopting technology measures, hexane through pipeline pressure recovery section, zero emissions. In addition, as a result of hexane in airtight pipeline leakage fire hazard, the factory has improved the hexane pump seal way, eliminate the leakage hidden trouble. Until May 10th, daqing petrochemical Plastic collapsible crateplastic tray factory technicians actively promote technological innovation, in A planned way, step by step to promote technical innovation, has the implementation of low voltage line A/B ethylene preheater reformation, low voltage lines to A/B mother liquor hexane pipe, the density of all A recovery system renovation project, such as return line increase laid the groundwork for the effect. Granulation for 'only' two large unit equipment, plastic tray once fault occurs, will affect the whole plastic pallet device production for a long period of time. This year, after the factory modified pelletizing, as has been running more than 30 years of pelletizing added stronger and stronger power, also for the whole of low voltage devices work provides a guarantee for a long period of time. Low pressure plastic pallet device original drying machine lubrication system has 19 years of continuous use, often occurs in winter poor oil return, lubrication point phenomenon of blocks the flow, influence the lubrication effect, harm the lyre, tug, gear. After retrofit, the oil distributor use double-acting piston distributor, guarantee the reasonable flow rate distribution of each user. Thermal plastic tray system adopts steam for the configuration of heat conduction oil tank heating, heating of the heat conduction oil as lubricating oil, can solve the problem of lubricating oil temperature constant, more in line with the drying machine lubricating oil system intermittent oil supply needs. Low pressure plastic pallet device has two more than 300 meters long pipeline, the drying section to recycle bay, north and south of the utility tunnel across the device. These two lines of mother liquor adopts steam heating, used to hang a wall occur frequently, affects the polymerizer reaction and full production. In order to solve this problem, the factory to the modification of mother liquid conveying system, heating pipeline by steam heating casing instead of hot water heating, pipeline heat is more uniform, the hanging wall greatly reduced. Low pressure device workshop director Zhang Xilai introduction, ethylene preheater putting-in-service proactively, eat two lines 'rations' uniform distribution, the use of the mother liquid line longer cycle, to achieve the full production. QL - low pressure plastic pallet device 505 p chlorinated polyethylene powder packaging products, is the daqing petrochemical Plastic collapsible cratefactory to launch new products, have a foothold in the market. Overhaul this year, the factory since the low voltage device the size of two end of the drying section of powder conveying line, through finished product packaging of two new powder packaging production line. Putting-in-service proactively, low voltage device of three production lines can produce powder packaging products, can fully meet the needs of the market, according to the current market gaps and benefits calculation, chlorinated polyethylene powder packaging products 'money' scene is very broad.
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