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Understand the size of plastic pallet better match with plastic box plastic turnover box_plastic box_turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-03
A traditional tool that is widely used in plastic pallet manufacturers. From what can we easily understand the specifications and dimensions of plastic pallets, and how to match plastic boxes in the application process. Here we can choose from two aspects. 1. The choice of size. Because plastic pallets need to be used with the turnover box, we first understand the specifications and dimensions of the turnover box and the pallet. The size of the turnover box has been analyzed in the front for everyone. You can pay attention to the details of the money. Here we mainly explain the size of the plastic pallet. Generally, the plastic pallets currently on the market have 1200*1000mm, 1200*800mm, 1000*1000mm and other commonly used specifications. After understanding the size of the plastic pallet, we can match the turnover according to the plastic pallet specifications. Let me give you an example. If the size of the plastic box is 60*400mm, it can be placed on a 1200*1000mm plastic pallet, and 4 can be placed on a 1200*800mm pallet. The number of layers can be stacked. It is usually 5 layers, if you need to put it on a plastic tray. 2. Loading tools for plastic pallets Because plastic pallets occupy a relatively large area, they are generally placed on a flat surface during cargo transportation, so we need to consider the loading tools for plastic pallets. Such as containers, everyone knows that the width of the container is 2300mm, and the plastic pallets of 1200*1000mm are transported, so they need to be combined and placed during the transportation, and the 4-way fork must be used for stacking transportation. If the size of the Plastic collapsible crateis 1200*800mm. It needs to be placed side by side in two groups in the direction of 800mm width, while the plastic pallet size of 1100*1100mm needs to be placed in 2 rows, either two-in-fork or four-in-fork. 3. Precautions for the use of plastic pallets on warehouse shelves. Regarding this issue, we need to consider the width and depth of the shelf first in reverse thinking. Normally, two plastic pallets can be placed on each shelf, and there is about 200mm of storage space. In terms of depth, try to design according to the size of the plastic pallet, so that it will not produce harsh requirements for the carrying capacity of the plastic pallet, so as to save purchase costs. Fourth, the use of plastic trays in automated three-dimensional storage shelves. In addition to meeting the above requirements, the automatic storage of plastic pallets must also consider the anti-skid coefficient of the pallet, the cooperation between the bottom of the pallet and the chain conveyor, the height of the fork, the load capacity of the shelf, the long-term deformation, and the long and short side winding. Factors such as the position of the bar code and the placement of the RFID are all things we need to consider. To sum up, the size and specifications of plastic pallets must be considered during the purchase process. At present, there are three commonly used plastic pallet sizes in China: 1210, 1208, and T11. Well, today’s sharing is here to introduce everyone, plastic pallets, plastic turnover boxes, logistics boxes, look for Qusheng plastic box, 100 kilometers and free delivery, large quantities are preferred, the world’s top 100 companies and small and medium-sized enterprises are a wise choice .
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