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Use of turnover box and details of PP material

by:Qusheng     2021-02-25
I believe you will not be unfamiliar with plastic turnover boxes, not only because they have been learning and understanding in this respect, but also because they are widely used in the logistics industry. So, based on the above two points, and in order for everyone to have a better understanding and understanding, the following Shanghai turnover box manufacturers will continue this topic, and the content is as follows. 1. Can ordinary plastic turnover boxes reach food grade? In addition, how to combine plastic turnover boxes and plastic pallets? The general plastic turnover box can reach the food grade because it meets the requirements of food safety. As for the combined use of plastic pallets and plastic turnover boxes, standard plastic turnover boxes are used to configure standard plastic pallets to achieve the goal. 2. If the plastic turnover box is to be used outdoors, what additives can be added to the material to extend its service life? If the plastic crates is to be used outdoors, in order to avoid problems such as aging and cracking, antioxidants and light stabilizers can be added to its raw materials to avoid the above problems and at the same time, to extend the turnover box Life. And, if you do this, its service life can reach more than five years. 3. Can the plastic crates made of PP material be used to hold food? In addition, are there relevant standards on plastic turnover boxes? The plastic turnover box made of PP material can be used to hold food because it is a non-toxic and tasteless plastic. Moreover, there is no problem with it for clothes. The standards for plastic turnover boxes are generally formulated according to national material standards. I believe that everyone can come to have a better understanding and understanding of plastic turnover boxes. Through the contents described by the closed turnover box manufacturers above, and at the same time, increase their knowledge in this area. Therefore, I hope that everyone can take it seriously and carry out, and then, have a good learning effect, so as to realize the application and full use of knowledge.
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