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Used in the process of plastic tray in fighting the epidemic

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
Plastic pallet as a kind of storage equipment, in fighting the epidemic can contribute?
plastic tray can quick turnover large quantities of medical supplies, etc. , relative to a case of one case handling, a tray of dozens of boxes of goods only need to cattle, a forklift or a handling personnel can operate it fast.

the medical supplies on the plastic tray
in this time is an important part of the life, material handling speed is also very important. Although plastic tray is not used in a line, but for the rear supplies distribution and transport is a big help.
a lot of companies have been attaches great importance to the development of epidemic situation, in the event of an outbreak of, also hope can do render some contribute to the nation.
different medical supplies weight is different, therefore in the process of using Plastic collapsible crateneed to pay attention to the bearing capacity of the overall weight and plastic tray.

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