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Visit to Shanghai International Import Expo: Plastic Turnover Box Industry 4.0-related products and tools professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-03
From November 9th to 10th, 2018, under the leadership of Qusheng Co., Ltd., the editor had the honor to visit the Shanghai World Import Expo. I was very fortunate to understand and see the important role of plastic turnover boxes in the upcoming Industry 4.0 era. And status. Because of work, after arriving at the Shanghai International Import Expo, the editor and a group of people went straight to the International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition Hall and saw the important role of electronic manipulators and electronic robots in the emerging industrial era in the high-tech era, especially technology The automation of the logistics transportation system has greatly reduced labor costs. To illustrate, in the past industrial era, the logistics industry needed to transport a certain product to one place. The common method was to hire a lot of people to stand by at various turning points. This way, a very simple process originally cost several dollars. People even dozens of people go to work. This invisibly greatly increases the operating costs of companies and manufacturers, and the automated technology logistics transportation system greatly reduces this cost. Because of the complete control of electronic technology, only the assembly line needs to be lengthened indefinitely, and the materials that need to be transported are only It will automatically reach the place where it needs to be reached with the assembly line, and there is no need to add additional personnel or positions at each turning point, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the company or manufacturer. And because of its advanced scientific electronic automation design, the automated technology logistics system can also realize simple sorting and weighing and packaging actions, so that the workflow that originally required a few or even a dozen people to complete can be reduced to one or two tasks. Positions to greatly reduce the company’s operating costs. So does the plastic turnover box play such a role in the industry 4.0 automation technology logistics transportation era? First of all, because of the special characteristics of plastic turnover box, its waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-fall and impact resistance, and long service life, it is very popular in the logistics and transportation industry. The following editor will use a real short four-frequency to answer In fact, the editor took a lot of quad-bands for plastic container applications at the Shanghai International Import Expo. Because the memory only plays one segment for the time being, you can follow the news for more relevant content. From the small screen above, it can be seen that the red items running on the raw material of this assembly line are plastic turnover boxes. Through the four-frequency, we can see that the plastic turnover boxes are running in a very standard way. Even if there is a slight collision, the PP polypropylene The use of the finished high-resistance plastic turnover box has no effect. Therefore, the application of plastic turnover boxes in the upcoming Industry 4.0 era will become and will become inevitable. Qusheng Co., Ltd. has focused on plastic box manufacturers and has focused on the plastic industry for more than 20 years, with high quality and trustworthy. Since the company’s registration, the company has produced and developed more than hundreds of plastic box products. Among them, EU plastic turnover boxes and HP Korean EU plastic turnover boxes are widely used in the automobile industry, which solves the transportation of precious metal parts in the automobile industry. For more information, please refer to the last article of the editor-Qusheng plastic boxEU plastic turnover box|Auto parts original transportation and storage related tools. Visiting the Shanghai International Import Expo: The editor introduces the related products and tools of the plastic crates Industry 4.0 here. The following are some photos of the application of the plastic turnover box at the Shanghai International Import Expo. I hope it will be helpful to you. Qusheng Co., Ltd. specializes in plastic turnover box products. Factory direct sales are of high quality and trustworthy. Qusheng Co., Ltd. https://www.cnpalletbox.com/ Address: No. 252, Xinhua Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City
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