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Warehousing plastic tray and supporting the use of forklift truck

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
The popularity of plastic tray, greatly improve the efficiency of the logistics. Can bulk freight pattern, and makes the storage, handling is very save time and effort. There in addition to the role of plastic tray, as well as supporting the use of manual, electric, motor type moving forklift.

from the consideration on the cost, some warehouse in addition to using a large number of plastic pallet, will form a complete set some manual forklifts, commonly known as cows. In 1000 - a cow's cost Around 2000, basically see capacity, brand, etc.

then there is electric or fuel forklift, in general use plastic pallet places relatively fixed, so the electric forklift truck. General price in the tens of thousands of left and right sides.
in addition, there are high car tray code, part of the advanced electric forklift with sets a high function. Of course manual code also has a lot of high car in use.

in supporting the use of time, must pay attention to the Plastic collapsible crateand the matching of the forklift truck. At present basically plastic pallet manufacturers adopt standardized sizes to cater to the market, but also notice the following: when using the
1, want to think about the packing of the goods specifications, otherwise the put method in plastic tray.
2, want to consider the status of the pallet packing, such as trucks, containers, etc. If be one-time use, should first consider the width of the shipping containers and forklift into the fork method and so on a series of questions.
3, such as the stack shelves, want to consider the width of the shelf and the size of the deep, popular selection type shelf two pieces of pallet is put on each floor, and allow access to the movement of the space. In the depth direction, just favor large size, so can handle most of the questions.
4, choose the size of the Plastic collapsible crateand thinking to its versatility, with WaiYang general Plastic collapsible cratecan practice.

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