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What are the advantages of hollow board billboards

by:Qusheng     2021-06-11

What are the advantages of hollow board billboards?

Guangzhou Qusheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. will tell you the advantages of hollow billboards!

1: Enhance its own advertising effect

The hollow board billboard has a strong advertising value. In the terminal store, the hollow board billboard mainly plays the role of displaying the product style and attracting consumers' attention. In order to achieve the purpose of promotion, and even achieve high sales of products, it has become a tool for product promotion. If marketing is a kind of language art, then use the medium to obtain information, that is, visual art! In the terminal buying market, the medium that can convey visual information to consumers intuitively is the billboard with the nature of advertising. On the surface of the hollow board billboard, you can design copywriting and slogans that meet the personality of the product. The printing on the hollow board billboard looks exquisite, highlighting the charm of the product, and attracting bees and butterflies. That is, the advertising benefits of hollow billboards. The publicity of hollow billboards can build a corporate brand in the terminal, improve corporate image, and create high sales.

2: The price advantage of hollow board

From the value of hollow board billboards, its value is compared with similar metal display racks, wooden display racks, and organic glass display racks. Its function is equal or better, but the cost of hollow board is much lower than similar tools after the price is quantified. The trend of merchandise is updated soon! The tools to load them are also updated. Then the flexibility of the hollow board billboard is also revealed. The display paper rack is very individual. It can be customized according to the product, and it is flexible and cleverly matched. With the permission of technology, various patterns can be printed according to requirements to create new styles of products with strong freedom. It can save more money.

When the company's products need to be displayed on the terminal. In the selection of similar display equipment, the hollow board billboard is smaller and lighter, detachable and foldable, and several complete sets of paper racks can also be packed in the same box to ensure the convenience of installation in the store; in terms of freight, it It has an unparalleled advantage. The hollow board billboard is used to put the billboard in the standard cabinet, which can use the space to a greater extent, will not cause space waste, save logistics costs, and reduce the damage caused by the collision of the products due to irregularities. , To ensure the integrity and aesthetics of each product; in addition, shorten the time to market for products, thereby reducing costs and improving the market competitiveness of products. Provides a complete marketing plan for merchants to retain customers with easy and convenient services. Not to mention the storage, it should be placed and moved.

3: The environmental protection of hollow board products

The hollow board is in compliance with the requirements of the international environmental protection group and is a green product. Discarded billboards can be reused by recycling the slurries. Adapt to the international trend, exempt from inspection for import and export, and simplify procedures.

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