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What are the advantages of shelves use plastic tray?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
What are the advantages of shelves use plastic tray? Shelf tray is used for container, stacking, handling and transportation of place as a unit load of goods and products level platform device. Usually made of wood, metal, fiberboard, facilitate loading and unloading, handling unit supplies and a small number of goods. Tray main kinds of wood, plastic, metal materials, etc. Wood is the most widely used now, because of its cheap, strong; Plastic pallet is more expensive, load is small, but with the progress of plastic pallet manufacturing process, some high load of Plastic collapsible cratehas emerged, is gradually replacing the wooden pallets. The following plastic pallet manufacturers to talk to you what are the advantages of plastic tray. According to the different needs of people, pallet materials such as wood, iron, steel, plastic. is used to meet the needs of the environment, and use plastic pallet instead of wood tray can reduce the damage to the forest of the best products. It is the inevitable outcome of the logistics industry development. Due to the plastic tray must be combined with antiskid rubber, the material will not slip during handling and transportation. and packing is in the middle of the plastic pallet design, in a certain position is carrying a piece of rubber surface, the goods shelves is Plastic collapsible cratein handling the goods in the process of a kind of important prevent slippery design. The utility model has the processing features easy installation, after installation is not easy to fall off, tray antiskid advantages with good effect. mat used for storage shelves of antiskid effect basically has the following several aspects: the goods are placed in heavy shelves plastic pallet surface to prevent slip. When at the bottom of the forklift and pallet, can be used to prevent slipping. Products put on the market, obtained the customer's strong response. Greatly reduces the procurement cost; Storage shelves effectively improved the deformation of the tray under the same load. Especially on the shelf, on the use of the library, has the outstanding cost performance advantages. with low density polyethylene and polypropylene as the main raw material, injection moulding and the international logistics plastic tray, are gradually replacing forklift use wooden pallets or steel pallet. The service life of the plastic pallet manufacturers is 10 times the wood tray. Is the important tool of modern transportation, packaging, warehousing, international is widely used in food, aquatic products, medicine, electronic appliances, textile, paper making, tobacco, chemical industry such as stereoscopic warehouse indispensable storage devices.
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