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What are the advantages of wooden tray plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
is a new product storage and transportation industry, a good assistant transport, warehousing, compared with steel tray, wood tray is qualitative light, smooth, beautiful, long service life, good integrity, no nails without a thorn, tasteless non-toxic, acid-proof, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy washing disinfection, no rot, no combustion, no spark, prevent slippery, Equipped with non-slip mat) And recycled, service life is about 10 times of wood tray. Is the important tool of modern transportation, packaging, warehousing, international is used in food, aquatic products, medicine, electronic appliances, textile, paper making, tobacco, chemicals, such as the stereoscopic warehouse industry the necessary storage equipment. Below for you to make a brief introduction of contrastive analysis of the plastic pallet and wooden pallet.
1, the forest protection: the use of plastic pallet instead of wood pallet can prevent the loss of hundreds of thousands of acres of forest each year.
2, residual value: the used Plastic collapsible cratecan be according to the original value of 30% of the sales price, because the plastic tray can be sold back to the manufacturer or other entities in order to reuse.
3, environmental protection, plastic tray is environmental protection product, because they can be recycled and reused, greatly reducing the waste and handling charge.
4, reliability: the reliability of the plastic tray structure damage consumption, greatly reducing the tray tray material damage and damage due to the tray. Light weight plastic pallet is better than the same wooden tray, so to reduce the weight of the transportation and cost.
5, specificity: plastic tray in the commodity market has become more and more popular. Such as: food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, and can according to the requirements of different factory will be made all sorts of color, plastic tray with corresponding company logo and tags.

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