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What are the benefits of hollow board turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-06-15

The hollow board turnover box can be designed and produced according to the needs of customers in different colors, specifications, and models. It can not only increase the storage capacity of items to save production costs, but also can be stacked or folded for storage, effectively saving storage space And transportation costs. Now the hollow board turnover box is more and more favored by customers in various industries because it has many advantages:

1. Various styles and reasonable design structure. The product can be designed and produced according to the different needs of customers. The color and structure design of the product can meet the special needs of customers.

2. Lightweight and stackable. The product has a good load-bearing capacity and can be stacked during use, which can effectively use the plant space and transportation space.

3. Good environmental performance. The material of the product is non-toxic, tasteless, and non-polluting, and will not cause damage to the environment during the waste treatment process.

4. It is not easy to age and has a long service life. Carton boxes are easily damaged during the transportation process. Although the price is cheap, the paper is afraid of water, moisture, and perishable. The transportation quality of the product cannot be guaranteed, and the cost may increase. Therefore, most paper products such as cartons, cartons, and cardboards are only Can be used once. The hollow board turnover box is 40 times the service life of the carton, and it is resistant to aging, tortuous, and strong in carrying capacity.

5. Save packaging costs. Packaging materials made of hollow board turnover boxes can save customers a lot of packaging costs. In addition to improving efficiency, saving transportation costs is also one of the issues that enterprises pay more attention to. Through continuous implementation of fairness and improvement on packaging, production efficiency is the life of an enterprise. If the working time and labor intensity of each employee packing a single product are reduced.

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