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What are the differences and requirements for the raw materials of plastic turnover boxes?

by:Qusheng     2021-02-24
, which is a kind of turnover box, is also an important website product. So, for this product, in addition to the previous ones, what else should we learn and understand? The following turnover box manufacturers will give specific answers to this question, so that everyone can understand clearly, so that they can increase their professional knowledge in this area and promote their learning process. 1. What is the main difference between plastic turnover boxes made of PP and PE materials? The difference between plastic turnover boxes made of PP and PE is mainly in low temperature brittleness. The former is easy to break at low temperatures, while the latter has better toughness at low temperatures. , Not easy to break. Therefore, everyone should pay attention and avoid mistakes. Moreover, the correct choice can be made according to the different properties of the two raw materials. 2. How to test the impact resistance of a plastic turnover box made of PP material? If you want to test the impact resistance of the plastic crates made of PP material, generally, it is to conduct the impact resistance test of the turnover box to see how it performs when it is impacted and whether it will break. Obtain specific data, and then judge whether the performance is good or bad. 3. What are the requirements of the hollow board turnover box in the plastic turnover box? And, is it possible to use plastic turnover boxes in a hundred-level purification workshop? The logistics turnover box manufacturer tells you that the hollow board turnover box in the plastic crates has different requirements for different types of sheets. For example, if it is a black hollow board material, then it requires a smooth surface. Moreover, it must be able to shine; if it is colored or transparent, it must have a uniform gloss, and there must be no spots or pits. In the 100-level purification workshop, plastic turnover boxes can be used, but they must be cleaned frequently.
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