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What are the hollow board turnover boxes according to the shape classification

by:Qusheng     2021-06-15

What are the classifications of hollow board turnover boxes by shape?

The hollow board turnover box occupies a very large position in many packaging products, because of its light weight and flexible use. The size can be customized, and it is becoming more and more popular with knife customers in the factory. So many customers will say, if I want to buy a hollow board turnover box, what kind of one is suitable for me to use? It’s not difficult for people to understand this. Now the editor tells everyone that the hollow board turnover box can be divided into many types according to the shape, including straight, trapezoidal, and foldable. Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these shapes

1. Folding hollow board turnover box: It is convenient to use and store, but the strength is not good;

2. Trapezoidal hollow Board turnover box: can be fitted with each other, occupying a small area and easy to stack;

3. Straight hollow plate turnover box: cannot be fitted, so it is not affected by expansion, but it takes a large area , Transportation is inconvenient.

When we select the hollow board turnover box, we must understand clearly which one is more suitable for us, otherwise the advantages are different due to the appearance. It will cause inconvenience when using it, so choose a company that specializes in the production of hollow boards. Qusheng Plastics is a very good choice.

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