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What are the key factors affecting the forming of PP hollow board in the production process

by:Qusheng     2021-06-06

Which are the key factors that affect the forming of the PP hollow board during the production process?

In the production process of the hollow board, the forming of the hollow board will be affected by some factors, thereby affecting The molding of the hollow board makes the produced products fail to meet the requirements.

So what factors can cause problems in the forming of hollow boards? Let’s take a look at which factors in the production process will affect the forming of pp hollow boards:  

First, raw materials< /p>

Everyone knows that the design of raw materials and formulas is related to the stability of production and the quality of the hollow board, which is one of the decisive factors for quality. Even if there is a problem with only one raw material, the quality of the hollow board will be affected or even unqualified.

Second, processing equipment

An ingredient, mixing equipment, extruder and auxiliary equipment of the equipment is very important. Therefore, continuous improvement must be made to ensure the reliability of the equipment It is easy to use, stable in state, and can accurately and effectively achieve various process parameters and requirements for the production of plastic hollow boards.

3. Process parameters

When searching for faults, in order to locate the fault reasonably, we should first start from the process parameters. The key is to control the temperature, pressure and speed of each stage of the molding process. , It is necessary to change one of them one by one, paying attention not to change the various process parameters for producing hollow boards at one time.

The above are the key factors affecting the forming of PP hollow board. It should also be noted that for the same type of hollow board products, sometimes different molding failures can be solved by the same method, because they may be caused by the same reason. When hollow board companies summarize the reasons and solutions for molding, they generally involve many causes and countermeasures, so try to arrange them in the order of primary and secondary causes, but when formulating troubleshooting plans, they should be based on the actual hollow plastic. In the case of board processing failures, according to the principle of from easy to difficult, from low to high, considering various factors, determine a reasonable solution to the problem of plastic hollow boards.

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