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What are the molds in the manufacturing engineering of plastic turnover boxes? EU automotive plastic box molds_standard plastic boxes_fresh cold chain plastic turnover baskets

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
What are the molds in the manufacturing process of plastic turnover boxes? Plastic turnover boxes are a kind of turnover tools that are often used in life and work. They are widely used. They can be used for storage in households and logistics, storage and transportation for commercial use. So what molds will the plastic crates be used in the manufacturing process? Here, Miss Wen refers to the book 'Injection Mold Design FundamentalsWe first analyze the plastic mold, which is a kind of mold that is heated according to the granular plastic raw material, and then the liquefied raw material is injected into the mold cavity by the injection molding equipment, and the mold is cooled. This is called a plastic mold. At the same time, this mold can be divided into injection molds, hollow blow molds, and compression molds due to different product applications. Miss Wen has a detailed description in another article 'Classification of Plastic Box Molds' Explain, interested friends can find out. Next, let’s learn about another kind of mold-stamping mold. Stamping mold is also called hardware mold, cold punching mold. At room temperature, the mold installed on the press is used to apply pressure to the material to cause separation or plastic deformation. The mold of the required part obtained is a stamping mold. The main products are automobile body chassis, fuel tanks, heat sinks, bicycles, office machinery, etc. There is also a die-casting mold, which is relatively seldom used, but there are very confidential molds, which are generally used for high-tech or very precise products. Of course, because of the cost, the general market price of such products They will be more expensive, and they are not within the scope of Ms. Wen's industry. Ms. Wen will not give you more explanations. Well, today’s article, Miss Wen, is here for everyone. For more information on mold classification, you can follow Miss Wen’s library, or follow Miss Wen’s website www.szxunsheng.com to learn more about the plastics industry. .
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