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What are the performance characteristics of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
What are the performance characteristics of plastic turnover boxes? Here is a detailed description of the characteristics of plastic turnover boxes in terms of performance: the production of plastic turnover boxes has a commonality. After waste plastics are recycled and processed, their performance will decrease to varying degrees, mainly due to light aging, Caused by oxidation and thermal aging. The degree of performance degradation mainly depends on the service life and the environment, and the scrap edges and scraps produced in the molding processing plant. The performance of the recycled materials decreases very little, and can almost be used as new materials; indoor use and short-lived products, the performance of recycled materials does not change much; and outdoor use, long life, poor environment (such as pressure, electric field, The performance of the product under the action of chemical medium, etc.) is poor, or even cannot be recycled. Due to thermal aging during the regeneration process, the color of the recycled material changes from light to dark. The plastic crates is made of HDPE (low pressure high density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) with high impact strength as raw materials. Most of the box body processes are made by one-shot injection molding, and some plastic boxes are also equipped with box covers (some logistics box covers are matched separately, and generally several types of logistics box products of the same type are used.
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