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What are the tray selection and requirements

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
Tray and the choice of what are required in the choose and buy of tray, tray has single-sided and double-sided two options, select one tray or double tray, Plastic collapsible cratemanufacturer should be based on corresponding storage, loading and unloading handling equipment and state ( Such as type library, the types of shelves, stacking or place) Such as to determine. Static load in stacking, Plastic collapsible crateon the bottom of the can with the maximum weight. General light series tray can load 1 tons, standard series tray can load 4 tons, overloaded tray can load 6 - series 8 tons; Shelves carry refers to put the plastic pallet packing of the goods on the shelf when the maximum weight allowed. It is important to note the difference between the dynamic load and static load and shelf bearing, bearing capacity of different and shelf structure, there is a close relationship between environment temperature and storage period. Standard series tray deflection has certain requirements, for maximum 30 mm deflection of national standard, but the wide standards. We recommend using deflection on shelves for no more than 20 mm plastic tray. If it is automatic three-dimensional library, a little more strict requirement for deflection. To cover an area of an area small automatic three-dimensional library or a high shelf, mainly stacker or electric lift trucks in the vertical transport of occasions, double-sided overloaded tray and single standard series tray can choose. The pallet load requirements: dynamic load refers to the use of electric forklift or manual hydraulic pallet truck once raised the maximum weight allowed by the can. Light series can move bearing commonly 0. 5 tons, the standard series tray can load 1 ton, overloading can bearing series tray 1. 5 - 2 tons; If the load on the shelf to reach a ton, and shelf no ceiling or put aside, overloading series tray must be followed. Covers an area of big and predominantly horizontal transportation situation, if use manual hydraulic carrier transport is suitable to choose single tray; If use electric forklift, one tray and double tray is fit for; For stacking goods, that is, the bottom of the tray above and below the goods collocated, with double tray or field type single tray; If your mobile is available pallet truck carrying, at the bottom of the plastic pallet manufacturers are not connected to the nine foot type single pallets.
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