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What caused the plastic tray price difference

by:Qusheng     2021-02-26
What caused the plastic tray price difference is the market now there are many kinds of plastic tray, and the price of Plastic collapsible cratealso each are not identical, what caused the differences in price of plastic tray, plastic pallet manufacturers now small make up to you to explain: 1, the plastic tray material: generally used high density polyethylene ( Chemical name: HDPE) And polypropylene ( Chemical name: PP) 。 The price of this two kinds of raw materials, in the certain period ( As the international oil price changes) The price difference will be bigger. 2, plastic pallet weight: obviously, the pallet weight, the greater the use of raw materials more, the higher the price. Weight associated with the mold again, the same mold plastic pallet weight basic same, so the choice of mould is also very important. 3, plastic tray structure: the weight of the same, different structure of the tray, there is a plastic injection molding, without subsequent processing, some pallets are required to pass through welding processing and so on multi-channel process after forming, the cost is higher, of course, price is expensive, in addition, prevent slippery, steel tube, RFID ( Built-in chip) Tray, such as the cost will be increased significantly, the price will also be increased accordingly. 4, the proportion of reworked material: reworked material tray for adding a certain proportion of reworked material one-time molding tray; It is clear that the reworked material proportion, the more the lower the cost, the price will be low. Some small manufacturers to survive, over and over again to reduce the price, try very hard to add the reworked material, some even with all back to the material production, cause the tray quality good and bad are intermingled; Looks the price is very low, very cheap, in fact, there may be a serious quality problem, cause the service life of the pallet itself is very short. 5, the tray color: the color of the tray products can be customized according to customers' requirements, just add the corresponding color masterbatch ( Common blue, black, green, red, etc. ) Above is the plastic pallet manufacturers to arrange some relevant information, hope to be of service, at the same time we also welcome you have any question to consult with us at any time.
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