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What impact will this change in the robot distribution express industry have on the plastic turnover box manufacturing industry? Plastic turnover box_suzhou plastic turnover box_logistics box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-02
Yesterday, Miss Wen analyzed the relevant role of the turnover box in the express industry and the era of big data. Today, the editor will continue to discuss with you what impact this change in the robot distribution express industry will have on the manufacturing industry? According to Xinhua Daily, January 22, 2019 was yesterday. The robots were launched in Nanjing, and more than 100 robots on-site sorted and packaged products and express delivery in an orderly manner. From the point of view of the clean and tidy environment of the site, the robot division of labor is much more convenient and faster than ordinary manual operations regardless of speed or quality, and the speed is increased by about 60%. So in such an industry change, what impact will it have on the manufacturing industry? Speaking of this issue, Ms. Wen suddenly thought that she would have to enter the Expo just now. Ms. Wen was fortunate to visit the site twice. What was deeply impressed was the automation technology exhibition hall. Miss Wen saw the on-site operation of various robots, whether large or small. It is really streamlined. Under the operation of the on-site operator, it can operate freely and purposefully to achieve what the operator wants. Thought about it. It is true that time is changing, changing, and transforming, whether it is manufacturing or other industries, if we still stick to the rules, we will inevitably be abandoned by the world. This is true for the manufacturing industry, as is the express delivery and transportation industry related to the manufacturing industry, so how can we avoid being eliminated? First of all, we must start from the details, think about what customers think, do what customers think, and meet customer needs as much as possible. For example, plastic turnover box, the protective umbrella for most products on the market, because of its application, whether it is wind, frost, rain, snow or rain, snow, wind and frost, as long as the application of plastic turnover box can well reduce the product in the transportation process Damage in. More than that, the application of plastic boxes can also play a role in protecting products in daily work. Because the performance of the manufactured products is different from the environment and weather in various places, the waterproof and mold-proof effects of plastic turnover boxes also play a great role in the storage of products. The protection function of the product, especially the design of adding a dust cover according to customer requirements is more effective to protect the product and reduce damage. As far as the robot is concerned, the plastic crates also plays an indispensable role. After the robot grabs the product with common sense, the second process is to need a turnover box to contain and transport the product. The application of turnover boxes is needed. Of course, compared with other turnover boxes, plastic turnover boxes are a good choice in terms of performance. What to choose for plastic crates? Qusheng plastic box is a good choice. Okay, today we will analyze the impact of the robot distribution express logistics industry reform on the manufacturing industry. If you have better suggestions, please contact Qusheng Co., Ltd.
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