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What is the application situation of automated warehouse pallets?

by:Qusheng     2021-06-13

   Anyone who knows about pallets knows that pallets are given different names by people because of their different classifications and uses, and they play different purposes. Plastic pallets and medical pallets are more common and common. One of the more special trays is the automated three-dimensional library tray. This kind of pallet is classified according to its purpose. In contrast, it is a pallet that is commonly used in warehouse logistics and ordinary shelves. It is a pallet that is specifically used in modern storage equipment such as automated three-dimensional warehouses.

   When it comes to automated three-dimensional library trays, some people still have some understanding of it, but more people believe that they don’t understand it. In fact, it is not many The pallet that is not reused in the pallet, on the contrary, it is widely used and has some excellent performance. It’s just that because the specific application is in the automated three-dimensional warehouse, and the advanced cost of this kind of warehouse technology is relatively high, it is often only adopted by some large-scale economically strong enterprises. Therefore, the pallets used in it are mainly self-contained. These large enterprises are using it.

  The mobility of automated three-dimensional warehouse pallets is good: the trackless roadway stacker can operate in multiple lanes, and there is no need to configure the stacker in each lane, so it will be very convenient to work. Not only that, it can also drive out of the warehouse area and directly send the cargo pallets to the production line or send the cargo pallets from the production line to the three-dimensional warehouse for storage, which will save a lot of investment and a lot of trouble. Moreover, it has played a very important role in the storage type three-dimensional warehouse. Due to the low frequency of in and out of the warehouse and the large amount of inventory, the VNA three-dimensional warehouse only needs one or two trackless roadway stackers to complete the operation, not like AS and Configure many devices like RS.

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