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What is the difference between the basic and subsidiary requirements of the turnover box?

by:Qusheng     2021-03-07
As for the turnover box, I believe you will not be unfamiliar, because it is an important product in the website, so in learning and understanding, it must be treated and carried out seriously, and it is still in progress, so the following Shanghai turnover box Manufacturers are no exception. They still carry on this topic, hoping that everyone can learn new things from it, so that they can learn something, instead of wasting such a good learning opportunity. 1. Turnover box, for this one that is used more in the logistics industry, what are the basic and subsidiary requirements? The basic requirements and ancillary requirements on the turnover box, in the opinion of the turnover box manufacturer Wuxi Shenghao Plastics, are mainly: Basic requirements: It should have good anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-tensile, compression and tear properties. It can withstand a certain high temperature, and must have a greater bearing strength and capacity. In addition, in terms of color, be rich. If it is a packaging box, then it should be able to turn around and ship finished products, and be able to be stacked and durable. Auxiliary requirements: Different specifications and sizes can be formulated according to different requirements. In addition, it can also be covered or aluminum alloy edging. 2. Are the black turnover boxes all plastic foldable boxes? In this case, the turnover box manufacturer Wuxi Shenghao Plastics believes that the answer is no, because this conclusion is too arbitrary. Generally, the color of plastic collapsible boxes is black, but it does not include everything. Ordinary turnover boxes can also be black. This is also possible, so this conclusion is drawn. 3. Can SHG folding turnover boxes be used to store fruits and vegetables? And, what is the mold cycle of the one-time folding turnover box? For these two professional questions, the closed turnover box manufacturer Fushida will give the correct answers below. The SHG folding turnover box can be used to hold fruits and vegetables. If so, it is the A series and the C2 series, mainly these two series. As for the one-time folding turnover box, the mold production cycle is generally about 45 days, and the material is steel materials such as S136 and H13.
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