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What is the origin of the hollow board

by:Qusheng     2021-06-10

What is the origin of hollow board? Qu Sheng Plastic will share the development history of hollow board.

Hollow board is also called corrugated board, corrugated board, corrugated board is common in developed countries in the mid-1980s A new type of packaging material used. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, corrosion-resistant, and moisture-proof. It is an ideal packaging material to replace cartons and calcium plastic boxes. The width of the plastic hollow board can reach 2400 mm. The thickness is 2-12mm, and the length forms a solid molecular color and specification plastic hollow board, conductive board, and anti-static as the guide. 

 Guangzhou Qusheng Plastics has been working hard to provide customers with a more comprehensive hollow board turnover box, which is thoughtful, more convenient and faster. The colors are colorful, can be bent, cut, and processed into products of various shapes. Unity and struggle are the foundation of our foothold. We have professional designers with rich experience in the industry, and can design economical and practical products hollow board turnover boxes and hollow board cutter cards according to your needs; the company is relying on excellent management techniques.  The solid operation skills and the active attitude of the whole plant staff to strive for development are the numerous hollow board packaging boxes, the production scale is constantly expanding, and the production capacity is constantly improving. The needs of customers are the driving force for our progress. Satisfying customer needs and striving for zero defects are our means of foothold and development; on time, delivery to the correct location according to quality is our commitment to satisfy customers. It is used as packing box, turnover box and backing board for packaging and holding articles.

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