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What is the origin of the turnover box? Suzhou Qusheng focuses on all kinds of plastic box products manufacturers

by:Qusheng     2021-02-25
Turnover box, this turnover tool that is often used in daily work, was born, and what kind of development history does it have. Today, we will all discuss the origin of turnover box. In fact, a long time ago, people began to use plant branches to pass through food or animals into a string for easy removal. This is the prototype of the turnover box. Later, with the evolution of human civilization, people gradually discovered that anything with grooves can be used as a tool for item turnover, such as large shells, grooved stones or wood, etc. For a long time, this is turnover. The prototype of the box. Until the beginning of the slave society, people realized that the utensils made of clay were stronger and more beautiful. At this time, baskets, bowls, crock pots, and plates made of clay slowly appeared and applied to life, but that At that time, the role of the turnover box was not divided in detail, and it was still only a vague concept and term in people's eyes. Even though the various wooden boxes, rattan boxes, and bamboo boxes that appeared one after another appeared later, there were still no specific terms, but at this time there began to be more detailed divisions. Boxes, pallets, cabinets, boxes, boxes, baskets, and baskets were It was born gradually in this process. It wasn't until a US company invented corrugated paper and manufactured corrugated paper turnover boxes in the 19th century that the term began to appear. After half a century of evolution, turnover boxes began to be widely used, and at the same time the types of turnover boxes began to be enriched. stand up. With the development of petroleum, plastic turnover boxes are widely used, especially the unique characteristics of plastic turnover. The characteristics of waterproof, mildew, moisture and dustproof cover are widely used in daily life and industrial production. Among them, such as plastic storage boxes commonly used in the market, various plastic box products commonly used in work, and so on. Qusheng Co., Ltd., in this booming era, the era when the turnover box is widely used, has emerged in response to the development. Since its establishment in 2012, it has provided various related turnover box products for all walks of life and has been recognized by many customers. .
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