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What is the role of plastic tray mat?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
What is the role of plastic tray mat?

today to introduce the knowledge of the plastic tray mat and its importance, facilitate everybody to better understand the tray and the actual use of a purchased is consistent.

plastic tray mat definition: Plastic collapsible cratemat is designed by the embedded on the surface of the plastic tray, a rubber piece, is essential to plastic pallet anti-sliding measures and a non-slip design, prevent slippery effect is better.

plastic tray mat principle: plastic tray mat is primarily a non-slip surface texture is the principle design, on the surface of plastic tray, increases when the goods is placed on the surface plastic tray plastic tray and the friction force on the packing of antiskid purpose in order to achieve.

plastic tray mat configuration: plastic tray body up and down two sides with a rubber mat, the rubber pad installed through its front end the expansion of the head in the mounting holes on the surface of the tray. Mat structure has the processing convenient installation, the installation is not easy to fall, after the tray of antiskid advantages with good effect.

plastic tray mat practical significance: the main prevent slippery effect is embodied in two aspects: the goods have prevent slippery effect when on the surface of the plastic tray, forklift fork sting when working and at the bottom of the tray through the bottom of the antiskid mat.
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