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What is the role of the plastic tray?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
is the necessary equipment, warehousing logistics is the important tool of modern transportation, storage, packaging, widely used in food, machinery, automobiles, tobacco, medicine, chemical industry, stereoscopic warehouse, etc, with light weight, long service life, corrosion resistance, good appearance, high strength, recycled, plastic tray is widely used in storage and transportation of storage and transportation of products.

a. according to the shape classification are:

1. Type double use plastic tray: flat type double-sided plastic tray; Grid type double-sided plastic tray

2. Single use plastic tray: flat nine foot type plastic tray; Grid nine foot type plastic tray flat field type plastic tray; Grid field type plastic tray tablet sichuan type plastic tray; Grid sichuan type plastic tray

3. Light plastic tray ( Suitable for products export packing a one-time export packing or lighter load of the use of products) 。 Products are divided into grid type and flat.

  二。 according to use classification are:

1. Standard plastic tray

2. Shelf type plastic tray

3. Light plastic tray, absorb Japan Germany technology, reasonable structure design, according to the international trend, is one of the most widely USES, can be used in the ground stacking, four-way into the fork.

in this paper, by the plastic tray, this view does not represent the views.
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