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What is the three-dimensional library plastic pallet? What are the main features?

by:Qusheng     2021-06-13

  Plastic pallets are now a tool that is often seen. This tool is often used in the logistics industry. There are many forms of pallets, and the role of each pallet is different, so when you choose Pay attention, let’s talk about what is the three-dimensional library plastic tray, and what are the main features?   

   1. What is the three-dimensional library plastic tray

   The three-dimensional Plastic collapsible crateis actually An object used for a series of services such as transportation, storage, distribution, etc. is convenient for people to load and unload goods. This type of object can carry a large number and carry a great pressure. Although the object is inconspicuous, it is indeed a common logistics tool that is ubiquitous, and it is a main object used for the transformation of a static cargo into a dynamic cargo. Although it is only one meter square in size, it can help people move the entire earth, so it is also called the active ground.

  Second, what are the main features?

  1. The appearance of the pallet can prevent the forklift from being scattered when picking up the goods.

  2. When the plastic pallet is placed on the shelf, the play will increase with the shelf, but it can be bent in the automatic warehouse, and the bending degree will not exceed ten millimeters.

  3, and the impact resistance and durability of the plastic tray is also very high.

  4. The weight of the plastic pallet is light, the operation is also very simple, and the forklift is also easy to enter.

What is    three-dimensional library plastic tray, what are the main features? I believe the above article has been introduced in detail, if you want to learn more about the content, you can always go to a professional company for consultation Only in this way can we better understand some situations about plastic pallets.

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