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What kind of folding turnover box is more cost-effective to choose?

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
With the advancement of modern technology and the rapid development of the logistics industry, the domestic logistics industry, especially the folding turnover box industry, is booming, and the products are also becoming diversified. How can the quality of the many folding turnover box products be selected? Wait, the price is favorable? The most important thing in the procurement of folding turnover boxes should be quality. It is from the following six points to consider and then make a wise choice. (1) The folding turnover box must have a good bearing capacity, will not cause deformation due to long-term storage, and have a certain toughness to prevent accidental impact from causing the box to break and damage the product. (2) It must have good physical and chemical properties, so that the plastic folding turnover box will not be deformed due to the summer heat, and the box body will not be deformed due to the unevenness of the plastic pallet. (3) In winter or in a low temperature environment, the plastic crates will not become brittle due to the extreme drop in ambient temperature, so as to avoid damage. (4) The folding turnover box should have good anti-aging performance, mainly to see whether it is made of pure polyethylene PP material, whether it has the relevant national production qualification and inspection certificate (5) No pollution. Some of the plastic folding turnover boxes will be used in the food processing industry. This industry needs turnover boxes to ensure that they are free of poisons and odors. The country now has very strict requirements on the food industry because they must choose some large manufacturers like Zhengji Plastics. (6) Corrosion resistance, plastic folding turnover box should have good corrosion resistance, and will not cause deformation of the turnover box due to chemical liquids such as strong acid and strong alkali. As long as the purchase of plastic crates starts from the above six points, you can choose good products. Choosing a foldable turnover box suitable for your company can effectively save procurement costs and avoid unnecessary trouble.
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