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What kinds of plastic materials are there, and which materials are suitable for manufacturing plastic turnover boxes? Professional manufacturer of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
The development of plastic technology is becoming more and more innovative, and there are many new plastic materials emerging on the market. Next, I will introduce new research results of several plastic materials. 1 PP, PE, and HPDE materials are relatively common plastic materials on the market. They are mainly used in the manufacture of various plastic boxes, such as eU boxes, inclined plug-in boxes, folding boxes, etc. The HPD plastic materials have been further processed. Can be applied to the application of turnover items. 2 Coan Color Plastic Film This kind of plastic film is jointly developed by the University of Southampton in the UK and the Darmstadt Institute of Plastics in Germany. It is a color-changing film formed by combining natural and artificial optical effects. 3 New Bulletproof Plastic A scientific research team in Mexico has developed a new type of bulletproof plastic, which can be used to make bulletproof glass and bulletproof clothing. The quality is only 1/7-1/5 of traditional materials. This is a specially processed plastic The substance, compared with the normal structure of the plastic, has a strong anti-elasticity. 4 The plastic that can reduce automobile noise is a new type of basic material made by the American Polymer Group (PGI) using renewable polypropylene and ethanolase, which can be used in model car parts to reduce noise. This kind of material is mainly used in the car body and the wheelhouse to produce a barrier layer, which can absorb the sound in the car compartment and reduce the noise by 25% to 30%. PGI has developed a special footwork production process , Combine recycled materials and untreated materials organically, and make the two materials into a whole through the layering method and the needle method. 4 PP, PE, HPDE materials are several common plastic materials currently on the market, which are mainly used in the manufacture of boxes, such as plastic turnover boxes, eu boxes, inclined insert boxes, folding boxes, etc., HPD plastic materials pass Deep processing can also be applied to the application of turnover items. This is the end of the types of plastic materials. Do you know what materials are needed to make plastic crates through the article above? Ok, click to bookmark this page for more knowledge about plastic and plastic boxes.
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